About Monty’s Vintage Shop

At Monty’s Vintage shop, we are very passionate about decorating our homes. From wide spaces to layered furnishings and cozy cushion covered nooks.

We offer the products and services to get you closer to having the classic, vintage home interior.

With today’s technology, we understand that not everything has to be mute, cold and modernized.

When people think vintage, they think old and worn out. There are so many ways you can mix in modern variations of this particular style.

How is vintage defined? This term has been skewed over time mixing it with retro, antiques and other not so synonymous words.

Although old to some, vintage is not as far as you may think. Defining something as vintage can be as early as 30 years ago to the current date, in some cases even 20.

This is why we love working with everything vintage interior, all aspects, styles and eras of vintage.
Here at Monty’s vintage shop we offer you to get rare goods from our collections, sell what you have and other services.

Our workshop is based in out Rugeley, Staffordshire, in a peaceful area on Blithbury Road.

Ether you are homemaking or just an avid collector, you can see what we have on offer or make an enquiry for any custom you may have.


Monty Parker

I’m Monty Parker, the driving force behind Monty’s Vintage Shop UK….

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