Modern Slavery Policy


While the Antique industry may seem distant from the issues of modern slavery, Montys Vintage Shop acknowledges its duty to address and combat these concerns actively. We are unwavering in our dedication to stamping out any form of slavery and human trafficking in our operations and our supply chains.

About Us and Our Supply Chains

This policy pertains to all the activities undertaken by Montys Vintage Shop.

We stand foremost as a Antique company, offering antiques & repairs to our customers and content publishing to our online visitors.

Our suppliers and employees are vetted to the best of our ability to also be adhering to modern slavery policies.

Currently, our operations are based in United Kingdom.

Policies in Place

Under the watchful eye of our People & Culture director, we craft policies that echo the ethical core and principles of our organisation. Every policy receives the approval of our Managing Director, Monty Parker.

Outlined below are some key policies that guide our stance against modern slavery:

Whistleblowing Policy: We urge our employees, clients, and partners to voice any concerns about potential risks or incidents related to slavery and trafficking, whether in our operations or supply chains. For any such concerns, one can reach out to their immediate supervisor or contact the People & Culture team.

Employee Handbook & Onboarding: This guide delineates the ethical standards and behaviour we expect from our team members. When venturing overseas or overseeing our supply chain, we insist on the utmost ethical conduct. New recruits are acquainted with this guide and trained to spot signs of modern slavery and the appropriate course of action if suspicions arise.

Recruitment & Agency Workers Policy: We collaborate exclusively with established, trustworthy employment agencies. Before onboarding workers through a new agency, we rigorously scrutinise their practices.

Due Diligence: Regular assessments of our existing suppliers and thorough scrutiny of potential new suppliers underline our commitment to this cause.

Managing Director Endorsement

This policy, reflective of our unwavering stand against modern slavery, is endorsed by our Managing Director , Monty Parker. who ensures it remains current with annual reviews and updates.