Painting & Finishing

We provide provide painting and finishing services for your vintage items from small decorations to large furniture. You can have singular items done or even multiple set pieces.

When you choose this service you must bring your goods to our local workshop in Staffordshire. If you want to have your finished goods delivered, you can use our delivery service as well. Most importantly, If you can get here, we can fix it.

Vintage furnishings we cover

Bed frame
Mirror frames


You can choose to either have a paint job or a “like new” finish on your vintage furniture.

When choosing the paint option you have a large of our in house colours to pick from. Our paint gets restocked every few months so you can always check in to see if we have the colour for you. You can pick between 0 VOC or minimal VOC paints.

We also have a non paint finish for wood furniture as well. We offer natural finishes such as beeswax, and oils such as Linseed, Shellac, Walnut, Sunflower and Tung.


From two to as many as you can fit in your vehicle, we also cover set furnishings. This can be a bed frame, wardrobe, night stand set. Please take into consideration that the more items you have, the price will increase. The larger an item is, the price will also increase. Sets can take a lot of time to do, however, you are more than welcome to pick an item up once it’s finished.

As a bonus, if you have more than 4 items to finish it will be %15 off the total. If you have over 10 items than you can expect %30 off.


Depending on your item’s material, we can also retouch up your bespoke decorations.

You may have a collection of ceramics, here we can offer ceramic glazing. We also re paint any old statues or vintage idols that are in need of restoration.