Staffordshire Delivery & Pick Up

If you would like to arrange either a collection , delivery or both services please get in touch with out team. Our work shop is based out the way in Staffirdshire on Blithbury Road.

Both services are one way trips for your goods. Fortunately, you can get a %20 off deal if you order both our collection and delivery service. Vehicle sizes for deliverly are;

Vintage furnishings we cover

Transit van
Small box truck


If you have bought something from colletion, we offer the option to deliver right on your doorstep. We have long distance drivers who will happily and saftely send your items. Deliveries can be made up to 60 miles. We charge extra going 5+.


We can also come collect your items as well if you’re looking to save multiple trips when your item is finished. This options goes up to 30 miles.

Currently we only serve locally in the Staffordshire along with some surrounding areas in the UK. Unfortunatly we do not provide international for items over 10kg. Anything under, we can ship to the US, Canada, and Europe.

Visit our collections page to see what we have or our enquiries page to find out more.